Probate is the administration in Superior Court of a person's assets and liabilities after death. We offer experienced representation before the Superior Court in Probate Court or in disputes under TEDRA, the Washington Trusts and Estates Dispute Resolution Act.

Dealing with all of the financial and legal complexities of a probate, while experiencing the bereavement of a loved one can be very difficult. We conduct our probate practice in a thoughtful way, so as to attempt to avoid disruptions in family relationships as much as possible. We also seek to accomplish the process as reasonable and efficient as possible.

We also represent heirs who believe that a probate or an estate is not being conducted properly. Sometimes, unfortunately, Personal Representatives fail to properly administer their fiduciary duties and do their job with integrity. We help our clients determine whether or not the probate is being conducted properly, and seek to find out needed information. If necessary, our office provides experienced representation in helping estate heirs resolve disputes with the estate.

In addition, the probate process can involve setting up and administering trusts. We help our clients navigate the requirements of all types of trusts. We are experienced in Trust Administration.