Estate Planning

Wise and effective Estate Planning protects, preserves and plans for the wise distribution of ones' assets, it also promotes peace and harmony for family, friends and heirs. Also the stress and fear during turbulent times of disability or grief, can be lessened by good estate planning, and estate assets can be protected from unnecessary expenses

We recognize each person, and every family is unique. We respect our clients' choices and maintain their confidences. Estate Planning should focus on accomplishing the wishes of the client by the most effective and efficient means possible. Good Estate Planning should fit one's financial situation, plans, health, needs, and expectations, and possible contingencies. Good estate planning takes into consideration the family dynamics, and the legacy by which our clients wish to be remembered.

Good Estate Planning encludes Trusts, Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Health Care Directives. Estate planning is a systematic process of preparing for the conservation of one's assets, and for, at the proper time and proper manner, the wise and thoughtful distribution of those assets. It includes preparation for contingencies. With good planning and preparation, our clients, their estates, their loved ones and heirs will be protected from avoidable stress, fear and costs, and from unnecessary expenses, liability, publicity and taxes. We take pride in structuring estates for the greatest financial and tax advantages, while reducing the potential for conflict, and doing so in an effective and efficient manner at a reasonable cost. We draft our estate planning instruments, such as trusts, wills, powers-of-attorney, health care directives, living wills and living revocable trusts to fit each individual client's needs, expectations and wishes.

If clients so desire after considering their circumstances, plans and wishes, we can draft living revocable trusts. A living revocable trust is a trust that is set up and funded by a declaration of trust during the Estate Planning process. Correctly done, a trust has the advantage of negating the necessity of probate. It also keeps the estate matters privately within the family and heirs, and in general, decreases the potential for conflict. We draft living trusts to suit each client, and we follow up with the transfer of estate property into the trust. Trusts are an especially effective means to hold and pass title on death when real estate is owned in another state or states, besides Washington.

Good Estate Planning will benefit you, and your family. If you wish, you may click on the link for documents to print our Estate Planning Questionnaire. We welcome your call or email to schedule your Estate Planning appointment. We appreciate the opportunity to assist clients in planning thoughtfully, wisely, and effectively.